4 thoughts on “What Are Your Favorite Hobbies?”

  1. I grew up with a great love of stamp collecting. I loved the way a page in my stamp album looked like a miniature art gallery. And I was fascinated to learn the names of far-flung countries I’d never heard of before. It’s harder now that stamps are self-adhesive…

  2. 1. Reading transports me to realms beyond my chair or sofa. I mostly read fiction for this reason.
    2. Playing cards gives me a social outlet that I desperately need. My fibromyalgia often leaves me feeling anti-social and a little foggy in the head but getting out among people (even if I don’t feel like it) is a great antidote.
    3. Now that I have relocated to my home in Illinois I hope to resume gardening.
    4. I also want to start sewing move as creating something from raw materials is life affirming.

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