9 thoughts on “What Are You The Most Proud Of?”

  1. The fact that I have been married approximately 14395 days.
    Or to shorten that up a bit.
    39 Years 9 months ago, Dave and I made a comment to stick it out no matter what!

    1. That’s very cool, Cori. I’m pondering if my marriage to Rebecca should be what I’m most proud of. It definitely qualifies.

  2. I don’t think I could choose just one. Obviously, I am extremely proud of my 20 year marriage. I also have three caring, compassionate sons that make my heart burst with pride. Those two are my two proudest accomplishments

    1. I also have three amazing son’s to add to the list of things I am proud of. Their accomplishments feel like mine.

  3. What am I most proud of?

    I found a way to go to the University of Minnesota. This may sound strange. My GPA was third in my high school class, and I was very studious throughout my elementary and high school days. However, no one in my family had gone to college before me. We were poor, so I had no idea how I would pay for college, to say nothing of the grants or loans I could be eligible for.

    I remember going to my guidance counselor with a few 2-year business schools I believed I could afford. She laughed and told me to set my sights higher. We talked about different universities I could apply to and how I would certainly find a way to afford it.

    A whole new would opened up to me. I am living in that world right now.

    (Aside: Poverty sucks. It robs so many capable people of opportunities they deserve to experience.)

  4. I’m struggling with the word “proud”. It’s a two-edged sword, and so I’ll take the good edge and see what comes. It’s easy to say I’m proud of my daughter and her husband and their two girls. But I can’t take credit for them. If I set my ego aside for a moment, I can reflect on why I enjoy showing off their photos to my friends. Please bear with me – I’m going to substitute the word ” grateful” for “proud”. I’m grateful for many things, starting with my wife and family. But that’s a whole different question, so I’ll stop here. Peace to all of you. 🙂

    1. It’s alright, Tom. To be grateful comes close to being proud. And having family members proud of you is such a great thing we often take for granted.

      As you know from your justice work, having a family member who is proud of you is not always a guarantee. Thankfully, congregations have worked with Beacon to build places where young adults can thrive and take pride in their own accomplishments.

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