5 thoughts on “What Is Your Favorite Experience?”

  1. Other than Rebecca’s and my wedding day (which really is my favorite experience, but too long of a story), I love eating Ben & Jerry’s “Phish Food” ice cream after a long, intense workout.

  2. Early morning fishing on Moore Lake in Fridley.
    Just as the morning sky was turning light, Dave and I would head over to the lake, night crawlers in hand.
    The water would be as still as glass.
    We would throw our lines in and wait for the first hit. The birds are just waking up.
    All is well, still, and quiet. Life is good.
    Then just as day breaks the fish would start to bite. Sunfish. As big as your hand.
    Sometimes we didn’t catch anything. But we were enjoying the morning together.
    Too bad we didn’t know it at the moment that it didn’t get much better than that.

      1. Thank you Michael. I truly believe that life is the moments that we can make excellent, or meaningful.
        Memories of the lives we share with each other and hold them somewhere inside and then they pop out and we can share them together again.
        Smile and breathe…

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