Hand-Made Or Store-Bought?

When it comes to something made by hand or something bought in a store, which do you prefer to give? To receive?

Share why if you wish.

Hand-Made Or Store-Bought?

5 thoughts on “Hand-Made Or Store-Bought?”

  1. I almost always give handmade gifts. Usually a gift basket, sometimes themed though more often a conglomerate, of homemade jam, pickles, candies and/or baked goods.
    I am appreciative of any gift I receive no matter where it came from.

  2. I’m going to cheat on this one. I prefer giving and receiving experiences. Granted, I rarely follow this preference when giving gifts, but it seems the most memorable option of gifting. So, you can give someone something as cheap as the experience of a free coffee (or multiple coffees) with you. You could go expensive and gift a night or two’s stay at a B and B or hotel.

  3. I love receiving homemade stuff. My niece (11) and nephew (13) still draw out cards for me. Niece brought me some basil and tomatoes for my birthday from her own garden. I’ve done both-baked gifts and store bought for others.

  4. I have a very artistic 8 year-old granddaughter who is getting a gift certificate for drawing classes this year. Another favorite gift(anonymously) is cash to a struggling family in our church to brighten their holiday. This doesn’t really answer the question, or does it? You be the judge.

    1. ps. about 25 years ago, my family was struggling and I was looking for work. Out of nowhere came help from my church. Ever since, we’ve been “paying it forward.”

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