What Do You Think About Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most influential companies of the last several decades. It has obviously been very successful in growing viewership, but there is plenty of controversy surrounding it as well.

Do you think it is overall a benefit or a detriment to society?

Share why if you wish.

4 thoughts on “What Do You Think About Facebook?”

  1. So I know Facebook has done a terrible job protecting my privacy. I know the Russians have messed with my Facebook feed. And I hate how every other posting is an ad tailored for me through my web searches.

    But I also know that I have developed many friendships — some from other countries — through Facebook. I also regularly connect deeply through video and text chats with friends. I’ve rallied friends to engage in political actions. And I’ve been able to have touchy, but respectful, conversations with people I’ve barely known on issues from religion to politics to the Second Amendment. I also promote (and have promoted) various blogs I maintain and collaborate on — now: the Intellectual Roundtable and Dissident Potato; previously (and a possible resurrection of) Prone to Hope; and in the past: Speak for We and Hep Snazzy. I’ve given and gotten many music recommendations through questions I’ve asked on Facebook. And, lastly, I’ve used Facebook to address mental health issues and conversations — both through Prone to Hope as well as simply being open on my feed.

    Do I wish there were another platform that facilitated the good things I’ve gotten from Facebook? Absolutely! Until then, unfortunately, I will continue to be exploited by Facebook as I know of no other platform that would facilitate the connections and actions it’s provided me thus far.

    Not a good answer, I know.

    1. I like your answer, Michael. It shows that while Facebook has had many benefits for you, it has come at a cost.
      I, too, benefit from the social interaction with family and friends. I also learn new things and get a great laugh at funny posts.
      But, I have also seen the horrible disrespect that people have for each other on Facebook. Things a person would never say to someone face to face, they have no problem writing behind the relative anonymity of Facebook. It makes us an angrier society. It affects our mental health in negative ways, and it doesn’t do enough to curb bullying and inappropriate behavior.

  2. I’m a big fan of Facebook., and social media, but have a tendency to give it too much of my precious time. Just ask my wife. As I write this, it’s 9 a.m. and I still haven’t eaten breakfast!

    That said, the old saying comes to mind, “the pen is mightier than the sword.” If social media can improve understanding between people around the world, I’m all for it. Just yesterday I sent an message to my wife’s sister in Bolivia. (they’re having trouble with the phones there.)

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