Spiders Or Snakes?

Most Throwdown Thursday questions ask for your preferred option. For today’s choice of spiders or snakes, you can choose your least favorite if you like.

Share why if you wish.

Spiders Or Snakes?

2 thoughts on “Spiders Or Snakes?”

  1. I’m with Cecily! Spiders are like little super-beings. They have so many special powers. My favorite recently-learned fact about spiders is that there is a jumping spider from East Asia called the Toxeus Magnus. Not only does it look like a little black ant instead of a spider, but it produces milk for its young, and the babies feed from ducts on the mother’s body all the way into adulthood! https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/29/science/spiders-milk.html Also, there is one type of spider that is actually non-venomous. Orb-weaving spiders don’t have venom, and are often the ones in your garden weaving a beautiful web.
    And while I don’t know very much about snakes, they are just fascinating creatures. Their skin is cool to the touch and so smooth. Like many other animals do, they poop when they’re afraid. Not something many people would expect.

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