Burial Or Cremation?

What should happen to you when you die? Would you prefer burial, or cremation? Do you feel differently when it comes to your loved ones?

Share why if you wish.

Burial Or Cremation?

11 thoughts on “Burial Or Cremation?”

  1. Cremation. Why cover the planet with a never ending supply of dead bodies?

    I would prefer more parks for kids to play on.

  2. Cremation. I don’t want my loved ones to have to go to a cemetery. In my will I’ve stipulated that my ashes are to be scattered on Mt. Rainier, near Reflection Lakes. It is a beautiful and healing place for my loved ones to think of me.

  3. I’m with Bruce and Cecily on this one: cremation. And, agreeing more with Cecily, I also don’t want my loved ones to have to go to a cemetery.

    And lastly, I don’t want to be in an open coffin with everyone commenting on and obsessing over how well (or bad) someone did at getting my makeup right so I still looked like people wanted me to.

  4. I have a prepaid funeral all set. Cremation, no calling hours (those who want to get together can separately), and then cremains buried (prepaid the plot.) I don’t know who would want my cremains or who would scattered them. I almost got one of those containers that become trees or flowers.

  5. I am intrigued by green burials in settings that are essentially parks. If that isn’t a viable option, cremation. I don’t enjoy visiting a traditional cemetery, or alternatively, feeling guilty for not visiting the cemetery.

  6. I like the idea of being frozen, then put through a tree chipper on a cargo plane over a wilderness area. If a bunch of bodies were disposed of this way, it would be more economical. Maybe just being fed to hogs would be the more practical way to dispose of my body. I didn’t need a marker before I was here, I don’t need one after I’m gone.

  7. Some people I admire are buried in cemeteries. I’m guessing they liked having a place where friends can come to pay their respects. Unless I overrule my wife’s wishes, I’ll be buried in the VA cemetery at Fort Snelling. I’m not crazy about the idea but the price is right and it’s really about her, not me. I’ll be six feet under. 🙂

  8. I convinced my husband that cremation is a good idea. So when I die, our ashes can be mixed together and we can be together for ever and spread on our favorite lakeside.

    1. As a Catholic lay minister, I did a little funeral planning for someone in the final stages of his life. The church has a planning guide and in it is recommends that ashes not be scattered, but (I forget the exact words) placed in a final resting place. A cynic or skeptic might say that’s because the Catholic Church owns cemeteries and wants the income. I’d prefer to think the church has been around for centuries and has gained a lot of wisdom and experience in these matters. I have a favorite saint whose tomb attracts millions of pilgrims every year. If his ashes had been scattered, where would people go? His final resting place in Italy is on my bucket list.

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