Snow Or Rain?

If you’ve got to have some precipitation, would you rather have rain or snow? Presumably they are both better than sleet.

Share why if you wish.

Snow Or Rain?

2 thoughts on “Snow Or Rain?”

  1. Rain means warmer weather, so give me rain over snow nearly anytime.

    Sometimes I like to garden in the rain. To smell the leaves of a wet tomato plant is divine. I look for the earthworms as they pop out of the soil, evidence of the health of the soil. And weeding is much easier in or after a rain.

    1. Michael, I agree with you. I went to college in Idaho – winters were rainy but I was able to play golf much of the time. I keep thinking I’ll find a winter sport or hobby to enjoy the snow during long Minnesota winters, but today I settled for going to the fitness center.

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