5 thoughts on “What Is Your Favorite Music Genre?”

  1. I don’t know that I have a favorite genre. Whenever pressed, I describe my musical taste with the maddeningly vague “I like music that sounds nice.” There’s “nice-sounding” music in just about every genre.

  2. My two favorite genres are alt-rock and alt-Americana. Not quite two ends of the musical spectrum but far enough apart to keep things interesting. (I also like some country music sung by the greats of the genre ā€” e.g. Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash ā€” but the category in total is not a happy place for me to hang out.)

  3. I like almost all classical music. It calms my mind.
    I like a song or two from the majority of modern groups/individuals. Very few do I like most of their work.

  4. Eva Cassidy is still my favorite artist – not sure what genre – somewhere between pop and blues. Until the virus, I sang in the church choir. Guess that’s called sacred music, gospel music or spirituals. And then there’s music from Broadway musicals, and movies, like South Pacific, Oklahoma, Sound of Music, Funny Girl, Showboat, Les Miserable. And then there’s Paul Simon,
    Carol King, James Galway, etc. etc. More than you wanted to know.

  5. Genre? As…in…singular???

    As Michael knows, I like to make mixes (working on turning them into playlists now that my CD collection has been digitized) that collide wildly disparate genres. I probably have one center in folk, one in classic R&B/funk, and one in African/Afro-Latin music. But in my mind, it sounds much better if I throw in some hip-hop and hard rock and jazz and something from Central Asia and and and…

    Across genres, Iā€™m very oriented toward lyrics. It takes a lot to make a love song interesting to me. And all else being equal, I tend toward darker sounds and topics.

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