3 thoughts on “Do You Keep Lists?”

  1. I must admit, I’m not much of a list maker. I certainly recognize that they can be an effective way of organization, but for whatever reason, I’ve never really developed a habit of creating lists for my tasks.

    I know many people who make lists, and one of the joys I have heard from these people is the joy of crossing something off the list. I’ve never experienced that joy, and maybe that’s part of the reason it never became a habit for me. Any good habit needs to have positive reinforcement to stick.

  2. I do keep lists, although not as many as I used to — I do not consider that to be a good thing.

    I keep a list of my regularly positive daily activities I should maintain as habits (e.g. exercise, write up a daily expression of gratitude, take my meds at the correct time, catch up with Rebecca on how her day went).

    I also keep a list of major activities I did during the day that are not usually on the first list (e.g. participation in various meetings, major discussions I had).

    Lastly, I keep various lists of music I want as well as music I shared with the world via my periodic YouTube concerts.

    Now, while you’d think I’d already be doing this, I do not keep the best of lists regarding my garden. This must change!

    1. That’s an interesting distinction I had not thought of…. lists for past events vs. lists for future events.

      I think most people do the latter: here’s what I need to accomplish today. More unusual — but perhaps just as useful for proper appreciation and gratitude — is the former. Here’s what happened today. Here’s the good I did, here are the mistakes I made, here’s what I’m grateful for.

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