What Does Spirituality Mean To You?

The word “spirituality” means different things to different people.

For some, the word may conjure up visions of a religious ceremony, attended by a cleric, with or without a choir and a sacred text.

Others might think of healing crystals and psychic readings.

Some people think spirituality simply means a walk in the woods, listening to the gentle sounds of nature.

Each person must decide the right way for him or her to commune with something greater than themselves.

Do you have a preferred way? Perhaps meditation? Praying? Ouija board? Tarot deck? Magic eight ball?

What does spirituality mean to you? Are there certain rituals you follow? And how did you come to your views on this very personal belief?

Related questions: Do you believe in the supernatural? Are science and religion compatible? What gives you purpose?

12 thoughts on “What Does Spirituality Mean To You?”

  1. I am an atheist, and I believe in spirituality. To me, it is the sense of oneness with peers an individual feels when they act as their best self for a collective or just purpose.

      1. My work, my training new advocates and activist, and the many ways I give to organizations I care about is one approach. The other is being in my garden to make one small part of the planet productive in a sustainable way, knowing that so many others are engaged in such efforts too. That’s the how?

        Now, as for what I experience, it’s a tremendous sense of awe at what is possible when one acts in unison with peers also seeking to create change.

  2. To be quite honest, I don’t feel all that spiritual. I don’t go to church, and I don’t meditate. I don’t believe in the supernatural, whether that be traditional religious ideas like angels or demons, heaven or hell; I also don’t believe in ghosts or fairies.

    Of course, I recognize that one can be spiritual without believing in the supernatural. But I’m not.

    The closest I come to spirituality, I suppose, is when I read about how the world works. I am in awe of the complexity but also the simplicity of the universe. I am humbled by my place in it.

    But that’s not in any way how I understand others to use the word “spiritual”, so I don’t consider myself spiritual. Is that unusual?

    1. One of the (many) ways I am envious of my wife is that she has a spiritual connection to nature. Walking in the woods, listening to the birds chirping and a stream bubbling, she feels part of something larger than herself. It brings her a sense of calm and peace.

      I don’t experience that, but I wish that I did.

      1. I have a nature park near me that is one of my favorite places to walk. Part of the trail is near a four lane highway. The rest of the walk is farther away from the highway, so that’s the part I enjoy best. Peaceful and quiet. I can heard the birds sing. My Dad was a lover of the outdoors, and so I often think of him on my walk in the woods, especially when I stop, look and listen.

    2. I think that what you describe is spiritual. Maybe it is a more simple concept than you might imagine. You have a conscience and a moral compass. There are laws of physics that guide and limit the physical world. There are laws of government that guide and limit our commerce and certain social interactions. People seem to need to believe there are spiritual laws that guide our thoughts and behavior and free will when the laws of physics and government do not give the guidance we need to be live a good and satisfying life. Many seek it in religion, but folks like you who don’t find it in religion, I believe still have that need.

    3. Lee, I’m curious as to what you mean by the “simplicity of the universe.” Could you say more about this? Thanks.

  3. spirit all around us, in natural world, in music, in human touch, in walking the dog or playing with a child, in viewing others through a lens of help and hope, in reaching across many aisles, in learning to listen more than opine, and if Creator Be, then to the four directions seek blessing and send respect. in covid times, reaching out to make connections, asking after wellness, develop new skills and knowing business as usual was not usual for most, seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your god

  4. To me spirituality regards attitude, emotions and behavior. It is the belief that there is good in the world and awe at the wonder of it. It is not the exact same thing as religion, but many people find it in their religion. I think spirituality is also the belief that there are universal laws dictating right behavior in the same way that “physical laws” limit actions in the physical realm. You do have spirituality, but maybe not have recognized or defined it as such in yourself.

  5. I started to answer this question before anyone responded. Today there are 8 responses, all of them heart-felt and thoughtful, so I’m going to spend some time reflecting on them, before sharing my own. I’m trying to listen more and speak less. Hope that makes sense.

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