4 thoughts on “What Is Something You Are Glad You Did This Year?”

  1. I’m glad I planted a couple of Acorn Zucchini Squash in my garden this past season. Those two plants produced roughly 50 fruits, enough for Rebecca and me, friends, colleagues, and the squirrels.

  2. Road trip to the UP with my niece and nephew was a highlight of 2021. We hiked, biked, kayaked, picnicked, glamped, canoed… such a fun mix of activities with fun travel companions! (… yes, I took teenagers out of cellphone range for days at a time and lived to tell the tale!)

  3. A number of smallish things like keeping my weight down and discovering some good books. But no really large things. This makes me want to plan some awesome project for this coming year.

  4. I volunteered with Isaiah Minnesota, an interfaith advocacy group that works for a multi-racial democracy, a caring economy, and a flourishing planet.

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