Anonymous Or Open-Book?

Whether online or in person, do you prefer to remain mysterious, or are you transparent for all to see? Do you remain anonymous, or is your life open-book?

Share why if you wish.

Anonymous Or Open-Book?

2 thoughts on “Anonymous Or Open-Book?”

  1. I’m sure there are some things that I prefer to keep to myself. However, life is all about creating connections with others, and what better way to do that than to share information about your own life with other people?

    So I’m voting open-book.

  2. I agree with Lee. Connections — building and maintaining authentic relationships — require some openness about yourself. So when friends, family, and colleagues ask, “How are you doing?” I often tell them. When they ask about work, politics, or work and politics, I ask how much time they have. When people ask about my mental health — everybody who knows me knows that I struggle with chronic Anxiety and Depression — I’m pretty open about that. And, if someone asks about my love of heirloom gardening, well, be ready for an earful.

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