2 thoughts on “Do You Have Any Travel Plans In 2022?”

  1. Not really. I’m still not flying anywhere (to be fair, I wasn’t doing a lot of flying before the pandemic, either). Any trips will be strictly local.

    COVID numbers are on the rise again, enough so to make me uncomfortable with extensive travel. I know I can’t stay locked up at home forever, but I’m still waiting for things to settle down a bit more before I venture out.

  2. Rebecca and I will be going to Kauai for just shy of 2 weeks in July; and I will be driving the Ring Road in Iceland for 10 days in September. We’ll be outdoors for much of our time in Kauai. I will be driving a campervan — alone — in Iceland. Neither of us are restaurant-type people, and we wear our masks when indoors with people we don’t know. The same goes with the flight to and from our destinations.

    COVID-aside this year, I think I will be going to two of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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