1 thought on “How Do You Describe Your Home?”

  1. I work on housing issues as a profession. I advocate that safe, secure, and affordable homes be available for all. Unfortunately, that is not happening in my state right now; although I know deep in my core that it is possible.

    I give that short context because I feel so fortunate to simply have a home that is safe, secure, and affordable. To think that some people struggle to keep a roof over their head and thousands go without a home because we lack nearly 100K units of housing for those with the very lowest incomes makes me very upset and agitated to change that situation.

    Again, context.

    Anyhow, Rebecca and I feel fortunate to have made our home what we want it to be. The richly-colored walls with art from each of the places that we’ve traveled make our home feel inviting (at least to its two human inhabitants). We have rooms that each fit different functions. I’d say, feng shui and function-wise, we love our kitchen the most.

    As frugal people, we have no clutter. If we bring something significant into our home, something may have to leave — tidiness and cleanliness are key to our comfort.

    Our home has books in nearly all its rooms; this is very important to me. But, again, there is no clutter. We have nice and sturdy shelves to house our books, and our study truly feels like one.

    We have a comfy bed and comfy furniture, and thus, a comfy home.

    Oh, and I almost left this off — how I don’t know! Our home has a beautiful yard with room for a large garden, places for flower pots, and many places to sit in peace.

    I am very lucky. This, I know.

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