Farmer’s Market Or Grocery Store?

Are you willing to pay a premium to get your veggies from a local farmer? Or do prefer a one-stop-shopping experience of a grocery store?

Share why if you wish.

Farmer's Market Or Grocery Store?

3 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market Or Grocery Store?”

  1. While I’m able to afford it, I’d go to farmer’s markets that are close by as much as possible, but there are none. I would not drive many miles to one, though. At least, not often. Maybe once per season.

  2. I get a lot of my produce from my garden but I have two local produce stands near me that I go to. One is run by a local farmer and the other is a “misfits” produce store that takes the grocery store “rejects” and sells them at a discounted rate.

  3. I like the idea of the farmer’s market. I like everything about it — buying local, supporting the farmer directly, fresh produce, and so on.

    And yet, I find I rarely go to the farmer’s market. Even when I do, I don’t get much.

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