Coffee Or Chocolate?

Both come from beans, both are considered to make life more pleasant. If you were forced to give one up, which would you keep, coffee or chocolate?

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Coffee Or Chocolate?

How Do You Reward Yourself?

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to give yourself a reward. What kind of reward works best for you?

Positive reinforcement is a good way to train your body and mind. When you exhibit a behavior you like, giving yourself a reward sends a positive message. In theory, you will come to associate good behavior with getting a reward.

That might sound a bit clinical, but the truth is we use these positive reinforcements every day. If, for instance, you have a cup of coffee each morning, you probably come to think of morning and coffee going together.

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However, finding the right reinforcement to use in any given situation can be tricky. One bad example is to reward an exercise session with a dessert. That might make you look forward to working out so that you can get a sweet treat, but the reward might well be more calories than you burned working out. If the goal is to lose weight, it might well be counter-productive.

What sorts of rewards work best for you? Are their specific ones you use in certain circumstances? Are there “bad” examples you have adopted in the past?

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What Are Your Vices?

Knowing the challenges and obstacles you face is necessary for preparing yourself to face them. With that in mind, what are your vices?

While the classic seven deadly sins — greed, envy, sloth, pride, gluttony, lust, and wrath — are a good place to start in considering potential vices, it is far from an exhaustive list.

And it is not even clear that they are all vices. Why shouldn’t I be proud, say, of a hard-won accomplishment? And just what is sloth, anyway?

This is not, however, to discount from legitimate vices. There are certain behaviors and habits that can be quite destructive in any number of ways. If you find you can’t resist some habitual behavior — playing video games at the expense of everything else, for example, or drinking to excess, or gambling money you can’t afford to lose — that could be the sign of a problem.

With some amount of introspection, you can probably think of some parts of your life that you wish you could change. It might be as simple as being habitually late, or as complex as addictive behavior.

One thing to avoid, however, is letting others define your vices for you. What someone else thinks of as a vice might turn out to be a virtue for you, in the end. If you feel strongly that something is right for you even though others disagree, it may not, indeed, be a real vice.

In the end, it is important to understand and be realistic about yourself, including both your good and bad points. Knowing certain activities lead you to bad decisions can help you avoid those activities. It might be uncomfortable, at times, but probing and defining your own weaknesses can ultimately make you stronger.

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Exercise Or Eat Healthy?

Just about every fitness or weight loss regimen includes two things: exercise and eating healthy foods. Certainly, both are good things. But is one more important than the other?

For instance, are you more likely to lose weight by exercising constantly but eating terrible food, or changing your diet but being mostly sedentary?

Finally, do you prefer one over the other? You may enjoy eating fresh, green food. Or you may like the endorphin rush from working out.

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Exercise Or Eat Healthy?

Neat Or Messy?

Do you tend to leave clutter in your wake? Or perhaps you cannot rest until everything is in its proper place. Do you tend to be neat or messy?

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Neat Or Messy?