Create Or Consume?

Many of us are looking for ways to occupy the time we are spending at home. Do you prefer to create things, or consume things others have created? There are plenty of examples of each available: learn to play an instrument or livestream a concert. Film a YouTube video or binge-watch a TV show. Cook or get take out. Read or write.

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Create Or Consume?


What Is On Your Shelf Of Shame?

In this context, “Shelf of Shame” refers to the pile of books by the side of your bed, waiting to be read. Additionally, it can refer to your queue of movie or TV shows you’ve been meaning to watch, but just haven’t gotten around to for one reason or another. What have you been meaning to read or watch that you haven’t?

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What Is The Best Of The Decade?

From music to TV to books to movies, there’s a lot of content available. And that’s not taking into account science, politics, or sports. Among everything you have experienced in the last decade, what is the best?

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What Is Your Favorite Shared Experience?

Humans are a social species. We like to connect with other humans, to share ideas and experiences. A shared experience, like a movie or a concert, is more enjoyable than the same activity done in isolation.

As such, things we can do together have a special place in our psyches. We remember where we were when a impactful moment happens, one that everyone knows. The moon landing. 9/11. The space shuttle Challenger explosion.

Often these events can be traumatic, like the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. or JFK. But they can also be a cultural event, like the final episode of a TV show like M*A*S*H or Seinfeld. Or a movie like The Avengers, or a sporting event like the Super Bowl.

Personally, I don’t know much about Game of Thrones. I’ve never read any of the books or seen any of the TV shows. But I felt a sense of loss as the final few episodes aired recently.

The shows aren’t going anywhere. Now that they are all done, I can binge watch the whole thing any time I want. But the communal feeling that viewers had, knowing that a large percentage of society was paying attention, cannot be recaptured.

I wish I had been part of a viewing party. Or been able to talk to friends or co-workers about what shocking thing happened last night. Or been able to appreciate the late night talk show jokes, or read any of the seemingly endless blogs or magazine articles dissecting every minor detail of each of the last few episodes.

Those moments, of a shared community, makes us feel like we are part of more than just our tiny selves.

When have you felt a part of a cultural moment? What is your favorite shared experience?

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