Ask Questions Or Answer Questions?

When it comes to questions, are you more comfortable asking them or answering them? Is one more important than the other?

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Ask Questions Or Answer Questions?

How Do You Recognize Important Dates?

For each person, the annual calendar is filled with important dates. What do you do to celebrate them?

Everyone has several days that have special meaning to them. These meaningful dates might include holidays, like Christmas or Halloween. Or perhaps more individual examples, like birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

Chances are, you could recognize more special days in the calendar year than you already do.

Some couples, for instance, like to celebrate the day of their first date, in addition to a wedding anniversary and a holiday like Valentine’s Day. Remembering the day you started your job can be valuable, particularly if you use the opportunity to ask for a raise. People with pets may choose to recognize “gotcha day”, or the day that they adopted their dog or cat (or snake or bird or hamster or whatever).

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Whatever dates you deem significant, what, exactly, do you do to mark the occasion? Perhaps you give a toast to celebrate, or maybe exchange gifts. Dinner out at a fancy restaurant is one way, a card or a personalized note is another.

Today (March 26th, 2023) is a special day for Intellectual Roundtable. It marks the six year anniversary of our first-ever post. That question, Why do we like what we like?, was a clear example of the types of questions that would follow. Just a couple of weeks ago, we posted our 800th question, which is also a milestone worth denoting.

Whether you make a spectacle of your birthday, or you enjoy a more manufactured holiday like Star Wars Day (May the 4th) or Pi Day (3.14, or March 14), it is worth taking the opportunity to make as many days special as you can. In the process, think about what you would like to do to celebrate each special date that comes around.

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Questions Or Answers?

Are you the type that prefers asking the question, or getting the answer? Questions can frame the issue; answers can be very enlightening.

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Questions Or Answers?

What Makes A Good Question?

Here at the Intellectual Roundtable, we’re all about asking a question. Three new questions each week, plus a podcast where talk about older questions.

Therefore we’ve had the opportunity to spend a fair amount of time thinking of what to ask and how to ask it. With our archive of nearly 500 questions, inevitably some have been good but others may have missed the mark.

In your mind, what are the ingredients that go into making a good question? Is there a particular topic, or maybe a way of framing it?

Of course, there are plenty of other occasions for making queries than just a blog on the internet. How might that construction change if you are, say, talking to someone at a party (let’s pretend this party is of the virtual variety)? Or conducting an interview? Perhaps an icebreaker at a team-building event?

If you think about some of your Intellectual Roundtable favorites from over the years, what do they have in common? What makes a good question?

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What Questions Should We Be Asking?

Due to a global pandemic, flaws in our society have been magnified. Economic inequality, racial injustice, and divisive politics are all huge problems. In order to address these issues, what questions should we be asking, as a society?

The Intellectual Roundtable blog is all about questions. Since starting in the spring of 2017, we have presented 373 questions (and counting!), some thought-provoking, some divisive, some silly.

But sometimes, even we don’t know what questions need to be asked. To make a better community for everyone, what questions should we be asking?

If we want to ease tensions between people with different opinions, what questions should we be asking?

For our blog to appeal to more people, or generate more comments and more interaction between readers, what questions should we be asking?

As we hope to build a more just society, particularly for those being treated unjustly, what questions should we be asking?

To leave behind a healthy, stable world for our children and their children’s children, what questions should we be asking?

Do you have an opinion? In short, what should we be asking?

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