How Can We Turn Ideas Into Actions?

I have plenty of ideas. In fact, I have so many ideas that it is often difficult to focus on just one, and so I never take action. Or a plan seems so big that it can be overwhelming to try to accomplish. Or laziness gets the best of you and nothing ever happens.

There are many reasons why a plan might never come to fruition. But how can we avoid that fate and turn our thoughts into reality?

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4 thoughts on “How Can We Turn Ideas Into Actions?”

  1. I think the best way to turn an idea into an action is to first turn an idea into a question. It doesn’t matter what kind of question — What would happen if? How do I go about doing? Why is it important that?

    Once you turn it into a question, you create a certain amount of dynamic energy around it. Your idea moves from being a statement about something — I should write a book, lose some weight, enroll in grad school. To a question that nags at your mind until you get an answer — What’s the best way to start writing? Why do I want to lose weight? How might my life change if I go to grad school?

    1. Thanks for commenting on this post, Dave. I really like the idea of turning an idea into an action by turning it into a question. I’m certainly going to try do that more often and see if it works. Do you have an example of how this has worked for you?

  2. Just do it! Sounds to easy, right?
    I found my best motivator is the anger and frustration I put behind the action.
    Fustration because I can’t get the energy to do it.
    Anger because nobody will help me get it done.
    So it’s left entirely up to me and my own energy.
    Thus, both the anger and the frustration helps me get it going.

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