What Is Important?

Life is complicated, with lots of moving parts. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, so much is happening. But if you simplify things, strip away all the minutia of everyday living, some events or actions or people mean more than everything else.

In other words: What is important?

Related questions: Why do we spend time on things that are not important? How do you define success? How do we choose our priorities?  How important is the repetition in our lives?


9 thoughts on “What Is Important?”

  1. For me, health is important. Sometimes I think about what it would be like to win a million dollars, and then I think about if I had a health issue, money, and the things that come with it, wouldn’t mean a thing. Along those lines, things that can foster good health are important–good food, relationships with others, a life that has a purpose, however that is defined, a mind that is cultivated. There are so many things that can put us in poor health that we can’t control–genetics, chemistry, age, accidents (like stepping off a curb)–that it’s important to do what you can to keep the health you have. It’s known that spending money on experiences rather than things make people happier, and I just read today that stressed out people who travel find immersive, unplanned experiences to be much more relaxing to them. Seeking out quality of life is thus important to me, as a means to enjoy the health that I have while I have it.

  2. Being able to shut off every once in a while. Shutting off the computer, shutting off the cell phone. I find it amazing on any of my cruise vacations, people are still hooked to their ipads, laptops or pads, and even at dinner, checking their messages, email, and facebook pages. Quietness, in my garden or over an old fashion paper book, is relaxing to me. A chance to recharge my energy and reduce stress.

  3. I like this question!
    I have a very hard time determining whats important to me.
    Priorities seem to take over my life and I don`t seem to have any choice in the matter.
    Time. There isn`t enough of it.
    To pick just one idea, or matter thats important, I think relationships would win. Because in my busy day I come in contact with alot of different people. I have the power to influence someones day. A smile, a compliment, a hug, going that little extra mile for a customer at work. Maintaining a positive attitude.
    All affect my relationships.
    Family, friends, customers, or the lady on the line in the store next to me.

  4. This is an interesting question because every person has different views, needs and personalities that influence what is important to them. What one person finds important may not matter at all to someone else.
    For me, a good relationship with God is very important. It encourages me to be compassionate, gives my life purpose and meaning and provides me with comfort and a measure of peace now, as well as a hope for a happy, healthy future.
    My family is also important to me, both blood relations and my spiritual brothers and sisters. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for them and I am happiest when I am spending time with them or doing/making little things for them.
    Finally, my garden is important. Chiefly because it provides me with a way to relieve my anxiety, but also because it enables me to provide healthy, wholesome food for my family.

  5. Succinctly, the peaceful and loving household life my wife and I have created together (with our rambunctious pup, Franco), my health — physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual — my life’s purpose and vision.

  6. What is important
    Time (vs. money)
    Love (vs. hate)
    Paying attention (vs. indifference)
    Standing up (vs. shutting down)
    Keeping on (vs. giving up)

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