4 thoughts on “What Is Your Nickname?”

  1. I have 2.
    The first comes from my family. My paternal Grandfather and maternal Grandmother both called me Kitten when I was born. This was shortened to Kit at some point. Only a few of my relatives call me this anymore, but my Mom does most of the time. It makes me feel soft and warm, like Sheldon’s “Soft kitty, warm kitty / Little ball of fur / Happy kitty, sleepy kitty / Purr, purr, purr.”

    The other nickname I got in college. KZ. My initials. This one makes me feel spunky. I like it. I like being a “Z” which I missed terribly when I married and became a “W.” But becoming unmarried I gladly reclaimed my “Z” status.

  2. I don’t have one, unless you count “Honey”, “Mom” or “Auntie”.
    My name is not one you hear very often so most people either mispronounce it or completely sub another name. I’ve been called Sicily, Seasilly, C├Ęcile, Chelsea, Leslie and Stephanie.

  3. I have not had many nicknames in my life, but the two used most are “Mad” and “Mad Dog.” My name is Michael Alan Dahl, so the first is simply taken my initials to make what I find an endearing nickname. My dad calls me it all the time. When I go to visit him and my mom, “Hey, Mad!” is the first thing he exclaims. Mad Dog is a riff on the Mad. Two people, I believe, have called me this … for different reasons. Dean “Boges” Boberg called me it in high school. I don’t remember how that happened, but I enjoyed it. I think my other dad called me it referencing on the “All Star Westling’s” Mad Dog Vachon.

  4. Cori is my nickname.
    It’s short for Corinda. But when I was young, I never heard that unless I was in trouble. Then it was “Corinda Faye!” boy I knew I really blew it.
    I was also called “Cookie” by a few relatives. I always felt like a good girl when they used that name.

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