5 thoughts on “What Is Your Five Year Prediction? Ten?”

  1. Holy cow!
    How do you possibly know or even come close to the answer to the question?

    A prediction is a possibility full of possibilities and unique answers to improbable situations.

    The weatherman has difficulty making predictions about the outcome of a storm.
    My hope is that in my life the outcome of the next week will be a positive one.

    I can say what I would like to see happen. But the way life goes to make a prediction would be impossible.

    Here goes.
    In five years from now I would like to see my husband walking again.
    Now that is not unrealistic considering the fact that he is healing slowly, but he is healing.
    He is getting stronger.
    He has a dynamic team of people working with him on learning a new and successful way of doing things.
    And he has a awesome wife of fourty years standing by him and cheering him on daily, and is not planning on going anywhere in the next five years.
    How’s that for a prediction.

  2. I have to add, for those who don’t know. My husband for some unknown reason, broke his leg nine months ago. It didn’t heal and was amputated below the knee four months ago.
    He’s not had a very easy time to say the least.
    Now how is that prediction for optism?

    1. Cori, I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s loss. The bright side is he’s a lucky man to have married you.

      At my former place of work, we had Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance as part of our Group Life Insurance. Not that any amount of money can replace a foot, but just wanted you to know about this benefit. I think most large and mid-size companies offer this benefit.

      1. Thank you Tom for your compliment as well as the information. Too bad he was already disabled when all of this happened.

  3. My 5 year prediction is that things will be better in our Nation’s capitol, with a new President, a new Congress, and maybe another woman on the Supreme Court.

    My 10 year prediction? I recently read Bill Gates’ good news about how we’re making progress on poverty, sickness, infant mortality, and maybe even the environment. So I predict that will continue, being the cockeyed optimist. (Love that song from the movie “South Pacific”).

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