Early Bird Or Night Owl?

Do you get up early or stay up late? Why? What does that say about you? How did you get to be that way?

Share why if you wish.

Early Bird Or Night Owl?


5 thoughts on “Early Bird Or Night Owl?”

  1. I don’t usually fall asleep until about midnight and I start my day at 6. Of course, that’s with taking multiple sedatives. If I don’t I’ll only sleep 4 hours max and that in half hour increments

  2. I’m an early bird, up between 4am and 5am most mornings including weekends. It allows me to exercise, meditate, catch up on social media, and read some of the New York Times and Star Tribune before heading off to work.

  3. I’m also an early bird.
    My day usually starts about 2:30 or so. Like Cecily, my sleep is dictated by the meds I take. Without them, I don’t think I would ever sleep well at all.
    I love my early time, Aromatherapy, meditave sounds or music, and catching up on book work or anything I feel like doing. It’s my sacride time before work or starting my day.

  4. I have always been a night owl. This actually came in handy when I found myself become a non-traditional college student. Juggling full-time work and family life was not an easy task, but after everyone else was tucked away in bed, I was wide awake and ready to hit the books for a few hours. My not-so-early bird brain didn’t like how quickly the alarm clock went off, but at least I had my alone time needed to study, read textbooks and write papers.

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