Cake Or Pie?

It’s time we settled this vital question once and for all. Which is better: cake or pie?

Share why if you wish.

Cake Or Pie?

12 thoughts on “Cake Or Pie?”

  1. Fruit pie is superior to cake, because it challenges the palate and stirs memories. It tastes like grandmother love.
    Cake is delicious in a disgusting, hyperpalatable sense. It tastes like addiction.

  2. This question shakes me to my core, because I love some cakes so very, very much. But my answer must be pie. Why? Two reasons. First, thick chocolate pie is so darn tasty. Second, cheesecake is actually a pie, and I’ve grown to love cheesecake … especially chocolate cheesecake.

  3. I love cake. But, I don’t like most store made cakes. Even some several bakeries I’ve been to make cake that is overly sweet, dry and bland. I usually make cake at home where I can use fresh duck eggs and other ingredients that give the cake perfect flavor and texture. My favorite is probably pink champagne cake with raspberry buttercream, though I do make a heavenly death by chocolate cake with coffee crème anglaise that is to die for.

  4. Cake! Cake!! One hundred percent. But no sneaky cakes that are actually vegetables masquerading as cake. Carrot cake, zucchini cake…no thank you, that’s just healthy stuff trying to sneak into my body. Cake should include lots of butter and sugar and probably at least two kinds of chocolate. Maybe one cherry.

    For my 40th birthday, I had a cake-themed party and there were at least 10 different kinds in attendance. I decided I’d had enough of denying myself the things I love. It was wonderful.

  5. my wife makes a pie (she calls it a tart) that has walnuts and caramel and chocolate and a delicious crust. That’s my current favorite.

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