2 thoughts on “Did You Vote?”

  1. Today, with pride, I carried out one of my civic rights and duties; I voted.

    It is often said that voting gives you the right to complain about what’s happening in this country; and I guess that is true. But voting is also the minimal thing I can do to protect the America that strives for its ideals of democracy, civil rights, access to opportunities, and inclusion, amongst other values of progress.

  2. My wife and I voted early this year so that we could go to Chicago to help my daughter and her family get out the vote there. Like Michael says, voting is the minimal thing we can do to protect our democracy. I think we have more influence and power than we think. In this era of social media, we can make our views known and, who knows, we might persuade others to follow our lead.

    In two years, we’ll have another national election, and elect our next president, as well as our Congressional reps, not to mention state and local officials. There are loads of opportunities to get involved and work on issues that we feel passionate about. I feel strongly about working for a more just and peaceful world, where children have stable homes, healthy and abundant food, and excellent schools. As I’ve said on this blog before, I’m an optimist. I believe there is nothing we can’t accomplish if we put our minds (and hearts) to it!

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