What Makes You Curious?

Maintaining a sense of curiosity can make your life more interesting. Being curious can help you maintain wonder. It can help you appreciate life. It can help you learn more.

In addition, there is a lot to learn. The world is a wonderfully complicated place. From human behavior to the natural world, from the microscopic to the cosmic. There is more in this world to be curious about than there are people to wonder about it.

However, what topics pique your interest can vary wildly. What you were exposed to at a young age may have helped determine your interest. Or perhaps your family’s interests may be yours as well. Thought leaders, like teachers or politicians, can help set a life course. For example, after President Kennedy challenged the U.S. to put a man on the moon, children all across the country went into science programs.

Thinking about and expressing those things that make you curious can help you to lead a more fulfilled life. In other words, choosing a career or even a hobby based on what fascinates you can make your life better.

There are seven to eight billion people on this planet, and each one has a unique set of interests.

What are yours? What makes you curious?

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2 thoughts on “What Makes You Curious?”

  1. So many things make me curious. I love learning. For example:

    – My work — especially the aspects that focus on reducing poverty — matters a ton to me and takes up a lot of my curiosity. What approaches have advanced this aspect of justice work the most, and why? Tell me. I want to emulate appropriately.
    – Similarly and more broadly, approaches to achieving social and economic justice consumes a lot of my brain space and how I’ve formed my social circles.
    – Sustainable gardening is a passion that eats up a lot of my home-work time, reading, and soon-to-be blogging efforts.
    – I am very curious about how other people view themselves. Do they identify most with their work, their family life, or their hobbies? I want to know: “Who are you?”
    – For more utility reasons I am curious about politics (to advance justice), blogging (because it helps me learn and share what’s most important to me), and photography (because I love taking great travel shots and pictures of my garden).
    – Science is an interest of mine, mainly because I am extremely interested in how the universe began as well as the forces of dark energy and dark matter. (I’m such a geek.)

  2. I’ve always been a curious individual. From a very young age I’ve been fascinated in the natural world. I was always picking up and examining rocks, plants and animals. I still stop and look closely at those things today

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