Book Or Movie?

Some people say books are better than movies, since you can supply your own special effects. But movies are much more popular. Which do you prefer?

Share why if you wish.

Book Or Movie?

2 thoughts on “Book Or Movie?”

  1. Books vs. movies?! How dare you! Books are the most intimate form of popular storytelling and come in so many different forms: picture books, chapter books, novels, graphic novels, e-books, etc. Movies are the most immersive form storytelling and can bring together virtually all the methods of creative expression: writing, acting, cinematography, music, animation, fashion, set design, makeup, dance, etc.

    It’s like picking a favorite child. It can’t be done! Well, I guess, unless you only have one kid, then it’s pretty easy. But, not if you have two!!!

  2. Well, I’ve read some books that their cinematic renditions can’t compare to. I’ve also seen some movies that were far and away better than the book, or that wouldn’t be possible to make into book form.
    I think that I have to agree with Dave. Both have their own positive qualities that make it hard to choose between them.

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