3 thoughts on “What Are You Saving For?”

  1. It usually takes me forever to save for the things I really, really want. I’m a gadget-guy. So, I’m always saving for the next best (relatively compact) camera and the newest MacBook — or, if they get it right (for me) the next MacBook Air. Right now, I’m also saving for my next trip by myself. Rebecca and I travel at least once a year together and often once a year solo.

  2. Saving!? Ha! With an income less than 175% above the federal poverty level, a mortgage, three children and living in one of the most expensive areas in the county we’re mostly I’m just trying to survive, let alone save anything.

    1. Yeah, unfortunately, I can’t save for anything these days. Not even retirement. It just disappears with the mortgage, home improvements, insurance, tuition, etc. If I was in a position to save for something, it would just be to having some savings.

      If I had some extra room in my budget for something fun, my tastes are pretty simple. I’d just spend money more often on books, comics, movies, and music. Maybe in a couple of years a little bit of travelling.

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