Cold Or Snow?

As winter continues to drag on in the northern hemisphere, weather is on the mind. Would you prefer cold temperatures, or lots of snow?

Share why if you wish.

Cold Or Snow?

5 thoughts on “Cold Or Snow?”

  1. I’m allergic to the cold. No really. My doctor told me it was a real thing. And I get these itchy blotches all over my skin in the winter. So, while I would like to say neither, I have to say I’d rather have snow more than the cold.

    1. Michael, go buy a humidifier and put it in your bedroom. I still itch, but not as much. I also have some prescription medication from a dermatologist that helps quite a bit.

  2. I agree with the previous comments. March is supposedly the snowiest month in Minnesota, but the snow doesn’t last long. (I hope). I definitely prefer March to January (brrr!). Besides, if you’re a sports fan, March is tournament time.

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