5 thoughts on “If You Were To Get A Tattoo, What Would It Be?”

  1. I don’t expect I will ever get a tattoo. I don’t mind other people getting tattoos — they can do whatever they like with their own bodies — but they just don’t appeal to me.

    With that said, I have thought about what tattoo I would get if I were forced to at gunpoint.

    As an avid cyclist, there are many benefits: fresh air, exercise, fewer traffic jams, less expensive, dosn’t pollute, etc. There are also some drawbacks. One of the more minor ones that happens semi-regularly occurs when you come to a stop at a stoplight, or have to stop suddenly. As you are putting your feet down to the ground, the chain wheel may brush against your calf muscle, leaving behind a grease print in the shape of a gear ring. It comes off when you shower or take a bath, but it can be rather messy in the meantime.

    If I had to get a tattoo, I think I would get one that mimics this: a gear mark on my calf muscle. It would identify me as a cyclist, and people would never be sure if it was actually a tattoo or I just happened to be out riding that day. As an advantage: no grease to come off on other clothing!

  2. To help when Anxiety haunts me, I would have a faux bracelet placed on my right wrist. The bracelet would have as many bands needed to include the following words written in the direction so I could easily read them: “breathe – meditate – practice mindfulness – exercise – express gratitude – wish people peace – assume positive intent – ask why – listen gently – list your strengths”

  3. Great question, and great responses. If I were to get a tattoo, I’d go big. I would get a back piece showing a trilobite crossing an ancient beach. The message is that we humans think we’re a big deal now, but nothing lasts. In terms of the longevity of a species, trilobites still have us beat by 266 million years. And they didn’t destroy the planet in the process…

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