Youth Or Wisdom?

If you had the option of being young again, but you lose the experience and wisdom you have earned, would it be worth it?

Share why if you wish.

Youth Or Wisdom?

3 thoughts on “Youth Or Wisdom?”

  1. I like the age I’m at, thank you. At 48 years old I believe I have a few more years to tack on before people would call me wise. But on the personal choice of youth or wisdom, I choose wisdom.

    That said, when I simply read the question, “Youth or Wisdom?” I thought it was going down a different pathway. I thought it was asking what’s more valuable in a collective sense. And while, again, I would usually choose wisdom, there’s an existential threat facing humanity that has me thinking more youthful energy is what’s needed right now. I am writing about climate change. And in this area I see the most effective activism being led by youth. While extremely ambitious, at least they are proposing answers that seriously reflect the crisis we are in.

    So there you have it. I prefer to stay at my age between youth and wisdom. But as for answers to what I think is humankind’s biggest issue right now, youth wins.

  2. I will say that I if I could go back to my younger days with what I know now, I will have to say youth.
    But that would be cheating I think.
    I can’t have both.

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