6 thoughts on “Is Your Pet Part Of Your Family?”

  1. As I am typing this with my laptop appropriately in my lap, my pup, Luca, is — as he often is — sleeping while nestled atop my outstretched legs. “My friend,” as I often refer to Luca, is also part of our family. I struggle with the right words to describe this, for as Rebecca reminded me when I let her know this, “How do you describe ‘love?'”

    While the following is inadequate, here are a handful of ways I know we have fun, communicate, love, and care for one another as a family:

    – Luca binge-watches Netflix shows with me whenever I suggest to him that’d be a good idea.
    – He knows how to ask for dinner, and it’s usually about the time Rebecca and I agree it’d be a good time to eat.
    – He frequently paws one of us to play with him. While sometimes we initially refuse, he’s persistent. So, play is usually the result. (He loves pillow fights.)
    – Rebecca and I have made sure he’s gotten a really good education.
    – We’ve also invested a pretty penny into his mental health.
    – Because he suffers from separation anxiety, one of us is usually hanging out with him.
    – As with any family, disputes happen every now and then. For instance, he often tries to refuse walks with me when he really wants to hang out with Rebecca.
    – Returning to the positive, he provides us comfort and incredible joy; I think we do the same for him.

  2. Our kitty “Hope” is definitely part of our family. He eat’s Hang’s out and sleep’s with us. When I come home from shopping He has to be the first to see what’s in the bag.
    Hope is not just a cat. He is our family mascot, so to speak.
    We got him during a very hopeless time in our journey.
    Someone said…
    “For without Hope you have nothing!”
    What a cool metaphor.

  3. We have lots of furry, feathery and scaly family members.
    My cat, Caesar, is my $5000 “free” cat. He broke his leg when he was a kitten, twice! He is the best cat ever! He is incredibly cuddly, talkative and insistent on making sure that my hair is well groomed.
    My dog, Maggie, is the best ratter on the planet! Fitting since she is a rat terrier. She is 12 now, and going blind, but she still manages to keep the chicken coop, garden and greenhouse nearly rodent free.
    My oldest son has two parakeets, Valo and Taivas. Their names mean “light” and “sky” in Finnish (my heritage is Finn). Valo is an Ino, meaning that she lacks visible pigment in her feathers, but not her eyes like an albino. Taivas is sky blue, hence his name.
    My middle boy has a bearded dragon, Ozzy. He likes to go for shoulder rides and he is a connoisseur of the organic fruits and vegetables (and weeds!) that I grow. His favorite is a salad made of clover, nasturtium blossoms, green onions, orach and tomatoes. For dessert he loves fresh berries and peaches.

  4. There is one more thing about “Hope”.
    I wanted to name him “Pandora”. So I looked up the fable of Pandora’s Box. As the story goes when She opens the box all kinds of evil things flew out and there was one thing left in the bottom. I couldn’t pronounce it. But when I looked up the definition, it meant Hope.
    Pretty cool egh?

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