2 thoughts on “What Is The Most Expensive Item You’ve Ever Purchased?”

  1. I’m thinking of a number of different ways to answer this question. Not counting my house (as put forward in the question), my top two answers are:

    * My college education

    But I’m not sure that really counts. Yes, it is a big number, but it’s actually paying for a bunch of things, and not really one item. Tuition semester-by-semester, room and board, books, etc.

    * My surgery

    A couple of decades ago I had brain surgery to remove a large, non-cancerous growth. As you can imagine, it was quite expensive. However, it has two strikes against it: like the college expenses, the actual expenses were broken down into many different line items (the surgery itself, plus the anesthetics, hospital stay during recovery, pain meds, nursing expenses, etc.). But the surgery itself was still a big expense, and it might be the single biggest non-house expense I’ve ever incurred. BUT I had medical insurance, so I didn’t actually have to pay for most of it. So I guess that probably doesn’t count either.

    More recently, I had to have surgery on my leg after being hit by a car while riding my bike home from work. It wasn’t nearly as expensive as the brain surgery (despite being two decades later), although again most of it was paid for by health insurance.

    After those two (or three) choices, it drops off pretty quickly. A washing machine maybe? Water heater? Touring bicycle for my cross-country ride? My cross-country trip might qualify, but again I spent all the money little bits at a time and not on one thing.

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