Political Party Or Independent?

On this blog, we try to avoid political issues that might divide people. But here’s a topic that we hope won’t be too divisive: do you feel it is better to belong to a specific political party, or to remain independent? What are the advantages or drawbacks of each choice?

Share why if you wish.

Political Party Or Independent?

6 thoughts on “Political Party Or Independent?”

  1. I think my beliefs don’t fit easily into just one party. I tend to share some of my opinions with Democrats and some with Republicans. I even have some beliefs that don’t easily fit into either of the two major parties. So I don’t see the advantages of declaring an affiliation.

      1. No, I don’t vote nor do I take sides in political issues. The reason being is because I don’t consider myself to be an American citizen. Much like an expatriate, I renounced my American citizenship in favor of citizenship in God’s theocratic government.

        1. How interesting. I wasn’t aware of people renouncing their citizenship, but in hindsight it seems logical that some would do this.

          It seems to me that this non-political stance would be difficult sometimes. Surely, you have opinions, and by contributing to this blog you are a thoughtful person. To not express your opinions when a political topic is being discussed seems like it would be challenging. In addition, the difference between non-political opinions and political opinions would become very blurred, I would think.

          Or maybe I’m not thinking about it properly. Do you ever find it difficult to stay out of political discussions?

  2. I do have opinions, but they are based around what I have learned through my theocratic studies. I don’t usually find it difficult to stay out of the political side of issues, mainly because they don’t interest me. It’s kind of like tuning out when a show you’re not interested in is on, but someone else wants to watch it. Now, that doesn’t mean that I am indifferent to the issues that are often behind politics i.e. security, justice, equality. But, I feel like turning to imperfect people, with their own agendas, to solve those issues isn’t the best choice.

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