Fiction Or Nonfiction?

Books, movies, TV shows, podcasts — do you prefer to spend your time on fiction or on nonfiction?

Share why if you wish.

Fiction Or Nonfiction?

3 thoughts on “Fiction Or Nonfiction?”

  1. Mainly historical fiction for reading and nonfiction for movies and television. I think I’ve only ever listened to one podcast though so I can’t say what I prefer for that

    1. I don’t listen to many podcasts myself, but my general impression is they tend to skew heavily toward the nonfiction side of things.

  2. When I was younger, I was captivated by fiction (particularly science fiction). But as I have aged, I’ve read more and more nonfiction, and now I find the books I look forward to most, and enjoy the most, are invariably nonfiction. I still enjoy a good novel, but that’s not really where my heart lies.

    As for movies or TV, while I do enjoy a good documentary and I try to watch several each year (as an aside, I’ve just been watching the IFC series Documentary Now, which features spoofs of classic or famous documentaries. Clearly a well-made documentary speaks to others as well. But I can’t help but think that this programs is one of the most unlikeliest shows to ever be green-lit. Documentaries have a small enough audience as is, but what kind of minuscule audience must there be for remaking and spoofing documentaries? The mind boggles.) but for my viewing preference, I find fiction wins the prize. Maybe, as with books, that will change as I age.

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