2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Had A Mentor? Been A Mentor?”

  1. Over the past 20+ years as an affordable housing and food justice advocate, I have likely supervised more than 70 interns. I’d like to think I’ve been a good mentor to many of them. That said, I have a little trouble calling myself a mentor, as I think that may connote a certain power relationship. Truth be told, many of my interns have taught me a lot and been the source of incredible creativity in the social justice campaigns I’ve been a part of. On the other hand, I’ve had former interns recognize me as part of the reason they’ve continued doing justice work — as a profession, a volunteer, or a community member.

    Mentor? Sure. But I’m really just extremely happy to have been a part of important work with them, whatever that relationship would be characterized as.

  2. I have definitely had a couple of people in my life who have appeared as mentors for a time. They have probably been the most dynamic and life-giving relationships/connections I’ve had.
    My experiences include receiving not only direct teachings, but rather a lot more indirect teachings through reflecting on what is being projected onto the person/mentor by my subconscious, or the dynamics of the relationship and topics brought up.
    I could go on, but simply put, the mentor/mentee relationship is something I highly value and reflect on quite a bit.

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