8 thoughts on “What Is Your Pet Peeve?”

  1. Poor dental hygiene…years ago maybe it was acceptable but present day no excuse.

    I know depending on insurance, dental coverage varies but at least try your best!

    1. It annoys me too when I talk to people who obviously haven’t brushed their teeth in weeks. Probably because I have enamel hypoplasia, and even though I brush and floss regularly and see my dentist every six months for a cleaning, I suffer from tooth decay. I have had half a dozen root canals, an implant, a tooth removed completely due to bone loss and 8 crowns.

  2. Most of my pet peeves probably have to do with language.

    For example, misuse of the word “unique” bugs me. The definition of the word unique is one of a kind. Something is either one of a kind or it is not. Thus, unique cannot be modified. Something can’t be “very unique” or “somewhat unique” — that would be like saying something was “very one of a kind” or “somewhat one of a kind”.

    And yet, that’s how I hear it all the time. When people say that, they really mean that something is “very unusual” or “somewhat unusual”. But the word unusual doesn’t convey enough wonder or importance. So they substitute unique instead.

    1. Another one is the incorrect use of the possessive apostrophe.

      The rule is that you add an apostrophe and an s to the end of a word to indicate possession: “You are reading Lee’s comment.”

      The only exception to this is if the noun is plural, then you just add an apostrophe at the end: “I could understand the students’ concern.”

      But somehow, this gets interpreted by many people as adding just the aspostrophe whenever the noun ends in the letter s. Correct: “It was Chris’s book.” Incorrect: “It was Chris’ book.” Adding an apostrophe s at the end of a word that itself ends in the letter s is not only acceptable, that is how it is supposed to be (assuming the noun is singular).

      1. The world won’t end because someone makes these mistakes. In the grander scheme of things, they aren’t that important. But they still bug me.

  3. Indiscriminate use of the F-word. Under certain circumstances (extreme stress, pain or when no other word can adequately sum up the situation) some may drop an F-bomb. That is, in my opinion, an acceptable use of the word. What irks me is when people use it as a part of their common vocabulary. My husband wanted to try a new show on Netflix and within 5 minutes of the first episode the F-word was uttered 4 times. Needless to say, that show was turned off.

  4. There is no such thing as the 5-second rule pertaining to food hitting the floor. If it touches where the soles of my shoes or bare feet have been, I’m sorry, it’s ready for the compost bin.

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