Here Or There?

Do you like to explore new places and meet new people? Or, given the choice, would you nest? Is it better to stay here, or to go there?

Share why of you wish.

Here Or There?

1 thought on “Here Or There?”

  1. At my core I am a homebody. I am an introvert who must turn off that tendency at work. So going home, sitting in my chair, and zoning out each evening plays an important part in keeping me tolerable for what’s in store for the next day.

    I am usually not one for parties. Eating out just makes me pack on the pounds (so I rarely do). And impromptu social events just raise my Anxiety levels. Again, home is my safe place, my refuge.

    My spouse, Rebecca, and I often exclaim, “Pretty house,” to declare our pride in having created a home we love. We could just as easily proclaim “Comfortable house,” to describe where we live and the peaceful household it is.

    That said, I do love travel. It helps me think big thoughts. Thankfully, Rebecca and I have the means, so we take one long trip together and one shorter trip by ourselves each year.

    So mostly “here,” but sometimes “there.”

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