What New Technology Do You Want?

Maybe you want technology right around the corner, like the new version of the iPhone or the self-driving car. Or maybe you want something more fantastic, like faster-than-light drive or teleportation. What technology are you looking forward to having?

Share why if you wish.


1 thought on “What New Technology Do You Want?”

  1. Another great question, thank you Lee and Michael! I’ve sometimes fantasized about being able to transport oneself like in Startrek “beam me up, Scottie”, where you’re able to magically change your location. When I used to be stuck in traffic, commuting to work, I imagined having a helicopter to avoid the rush hour traffic.

    Thinking about this causes me to think about my favorite saint (I converted to the Catholic faith at age 37). His name is Francesco Forgione, but is more commonly known as Padre Pio. He was reputed to have the gift of bilocation – able to appear in more than one place at the same time. Sounds a bit crazy, I know, but I’m a believer. I encourage anyone reading this to learn more about him. He died in 1968, so he is relatively modern as saints go. He was recently featured in a movie on the Catholic TV network EWTN.

    A quick story about his ability to bi-locate: when I was hospitalized in 2002, I prayed and asked him to visit me in the hospital. (because I had heard he could do such things.) The morning after my surgery, my daughter visited me and brought along the morning newspaper, thinking I might like something to read. Lo and behold, there was his picture! It may seem a coincidence, but the odds are something like a million to one that a photo of Padre Pio would appear in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on a given day.

    So what is the point? If one person reading this is inspired by this saint, I’ll be happy. This isn’t new technology– it’s better!

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