Reality Or Imagination?

Do you prefer to see things as they are, or as you want them to be? Is harsh reality better, or perhaps fanciful imagination?

Share why if you wish.

Reality Or Imagination?

3 thoughts on “Reality Or Imagination?”

  1. Reality-imagination is a wonderful, creative skill or value. However you need to be based in reality first.

    You get to be imaginative, creative and a dreamer as long as you fundamentally first attend to your own needs, the needs of others and are an active member of society.

    Even Willy Wonka lived in a clear reality when he sang “imagination.”

  2. I live in both states.

    Of course, daily responsibilities, habits, needs, and paying attention to the people I care about keep me grounded in reality.

    But I also have — and sometimes get immersed in — imaginary thoughts. Like most people, I like to play “What I would do with a million dollars?” Or what if I didn’t have to work for the rest of my life? How, then, would I prioritize and make the most meaning out of my social and economic justice convictions?

    Regarding those justice convictions, at work, I frequently use my imagination to devise creative strategies and tactics that I hope will advance social change.

    And lastly, there’s a purely entertaining imaginary world I enter through the antics of over twenty toy critters who hang out in my study. Squish and Mr. Fender have humorous conversations whenever I visit them. Mr. Bobo breakdances better than any four-legged creature I’ve ever come across. Doppleskeeter is a naughty one, indeed. And Greta loves to play hide and seek — often to hide in my travel bags and join me on my vacations to other parts of the world.

    Yes, people can often achieve great joy in embracing and filling in their reality. But a healthy imagination spices things up quite a bit as well.

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