1 thought on “What Do You Do When You Feel Overwhelmed?”

  1. In the warmer months, when I am overwhelmed, I retreat to my garden. I survey my eight raised beds full of dozens of varieties of heirloom vegetables; I pick produce; I weed; I take gazillions of photos. In my garden, I am almost always feeling a yogic-like presence in the present — a great escape from the worries that were recently consuming my thoughts. However, there are times where my mind wanders to future seasons (still a great distraction from worry). I think about what I want to grow more or less of and how I can introduce more colors and textures to my already lovely plot.

    Other times, and especially during the colder months take me from the garden, I try as hard as I can to focus my mind on people or things I am grateful for. If I’m successful, I leave the incapacitating pile of worries and bring my mind to people and things that make my life so much better.

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