1 thought on “What Are You Glad About?”

  1. I am beyond glad to be in a loving relationship with my spouse, Rebecca. I am glad (and fortunate) that we have created a home and household that we cherish every day. I am also glad that our family includes Luca, a wonderful pup and friend.

    I am glad to have a job I love. It gives me the opportunity to make a true difference in the world, expanding tenants’ rights and protections, preventing homelessness, and making communities across Minnesota more inclusive.

    I am glad I know how to garden pretty well and that I discovered the beauty and need of heirloom and open-pollinated seeds. I am glad I have a treasure trove of pictures of my heirloom vegetables and flowers to keep my life colorful during the winter. And I am glad that my gardening provides my household with a decent amount of food during the warmer months and, if the squirrels don’t attack my squash and tomatoes, a decent supply of food during the winter as well.

    I am glad that at the present time my depression is in check because of good meds and talk therapy. I am also glad that while I still grapple with Anxiety, the meds and talk therapy keep things at a manageable level.

    I am glad to have friends and colleagues who enrich my life in so many different ways.

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