2 thoughts on “What Are You Binge Watching?”

  1. I tend to look for what’s trending on Netflix-Hulu-Disney+, and various cable networks. I’ve revisited oldies but goodies like The Office, Friends, Glee…anything BUT local television stations. I am trying to avoid news channels, talk shows, and even commercials to limit my CoVid19 propaganda exposure.

  2. Right now I can’t say that I’m binge-watching anything. I am, however, watching some really good television, some good streaming content, and some mental bubblegum. In the very good category, I just finished the most recent season of Ozark (great, building tension) and upon completion moved right into the first season of Homecoming (stylistically, amazing and a good mystery). In the good category, Rebecca and I are watching Dead to Me. And, in the category of mental bubblegum, International House Hunters.

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