4 thoughts on “Do You Know Anyone With COVID-19?”

  1. I know one or two people who’ve had the Coronavirus. Thankfully, I have not known anyone who’s died from it.

    Our household is still acting like our state’s stay at home recommendations were in place. Obviously we don’t want to get the virus, but we’re also concerned about others, some of whom belong in the higher risk categories.

  2. One friend who had it described said that at first, she thought she was having a panic attack — constricted chest, difficulty breathing. But then it went on and on, and wouldn’t go away. She eventually got tested and tested positive. She has had a remarkable amount of lethargy, being unable to do even simple things like going up and down the stairs. It lasted a longer than a month. Luckily, her husband did not get it (she self-quarantined once she started displaying symptoms).

    Another friend, a massage therapist, also contracted it. Similarly, it was long-lasting and energy-sapping. She was able to stay at home and did not require hospitalization, but she was unable to do anything for a long time.

    Yet another friend lost his father to COVID-19, and then 24 hours later, lost his mother as well. To lose both parents, when they were alive and well a month earlier, is absolutely devastating.

  3. I know someone mostly recovered from it. I also know someone who died from it.

    The person who is still alive would not be willing to say that it’s okay to get it. She had a mild case and is still sometimes experiencing symptoms two months later. It’s going to take a long time for her lungs to heal, and she feels as if her nervous and circulatory systems are still damaged.

    The person who died leaves behind children, and grandchildren who will not know him. He was maybe 15 years older than I am.

  4. I have a friend who is hospitalized with it. She’s very high risk, so it’s a good thing that she’s stable without intubation.

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