What Possessions Of Yours Will Someone Want When You Die?

When a loved one dies, it can be a painful experience to go through their personal possessions. Have you thought about what you have that someone else might want?

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2 thoughts on “What Possessions Of Yours Will Someone Want When You Die?”

  1. Other than the regular things that make a household function, I don’t have many possessions. I guess I hope that others will pour over my books and want them despite my notes in the margins and highlighted sections. I would guess some would want my technology — computer, mobile devices, and cameras (if those things still exist when I die).

    Really, the biggest thing I question is if someone would want to buy our home with the backyard laid out as it is. My fenced in garden with raised beds sits on a bit of a “stage.” There are probably a limited number of people who would want that, but for those looking for a great garden plot, I’ve got it.

  2. I think many people grossly overestimate what they should save in case someone else might want it. I think recipes and instructions on how to do things (like how my dad froze the best tasting sweet corn known to man) are true heirlooms. If you give someone an object, part of the gift should be to tell them that when it no longer serves them they can let it go with no hesitation guilt, or worries.

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