Swear Like A Sailor Or Clean As A Whistle?

Do you tend to swear a lot when you talk? Or is your speech profanity free? What do you think of people who use colorful language?

Share why if you wish.

Swear Like A Sailor Or Clean As A Whistle?

3 thoughts on “Swear Like A Sailor Or Clean As A Whistle?”

  1. I hardly ever swear. It’s not from some objection to the potentially-offensive words, though. It’s just that I want my words to have the most impact and I I think that impact is lost of the words are overused.

  2. I only swear when I am quoting someone else and including the swear word helps make the point. And, while that means that I hardly ever swear, I don’t know why, but I may naturally curse if I hurt really bad. Otherwise, I am clean as a whistle.

  3. People tend to be shocked when they hear me swear. The occasion usually involves something mechanical or technological.

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