4 thoughts on “When Was The Last Time You Mailed A Letter?”

  1. If you include bills or other “official” type mail, it’s probably been a month or two. If you exclude those and insist on some personal correspondence, it’s more like a year or two.

  2. I mailed a letter to my brother shortly before he died a few months ago. So glad I did.
    I also visited him a few months earlier and gave him a hug when we parted (somewhat awkwardly). So glad I was able to do that..

    More recently I’ve been emailing one page a day from The Peace Book by Todd Parr to my extended family. It’s a board book for kids but really speaks to grown-ups as well. “Peace is being who you are.” – Todd Parr

  3. James Clyburn, the distinguished Congressman from South Carolina, was asked if he had some advice for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. His advice? “Just be yourself”.

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