Tent or Cabin?

When you go camping, do you prefer to sleep in a tent? Or is a cabin more your speed (with or without running water)?

Share why if you want.

Tent Or Cabin?

2 thoughts on “Tent or Cabin?”

  1. I am not one for roughing it. Cabin. Running water. Bathroom. Preferably some bedrooms. And a bookshelf with books to choose from and a comfy chair or couch to recline in would be quite nice.

    (DON’T READ BEYOND HERE IF YOU GET GROSSED OUT EASILY.) The last time I roughed it, someone found a tick crawling in my ear. Had to use water to flush it out. Freaked me out!

  2. I loooove camping! I’m good with a tent, but I have to have an air mattress to sleep on and it can’t be raining, because damp weather aggravates my fibromyalgia symptoms.

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