Who Are Your Role Models?

We all have role models in our lives. There are people we look up to, or people we model ourselves after. Who are yours, and why?

There can be many things a person might do to earn your appreciation.

Some people idolize sports figures. In particular, sports figures who have a larger impact than in the arena of athletics. If someone can kick, throw, or hit a ball well, they might be a star. But if they also donate to charity, speak up for underprivileged communities, or otherwise use their platform to try and make the world a better place, they might earn even more fans.

Musicians, through their music, might speak to common issues, and do so in a particularly compelling way. Someone who observes the human condition and can effectively communicate it to others is worthy of praise. That also might describe authors, or artists in general.

Celebrities, religious figures, politicians, and other people who are in the public eye also can be role models.

And, or course, there are people who are not otherwise famous, but who might have a big impact on you: a parent, say, or a teacher. A friend, family member, or mentor.

Is there anyone who you would classify as a role model? What traits do you think are necessary in one?

Related questions: What is the kindest thing someone has done for you? What gives a person value? How much power does an individual have? Have you ever had a mentor? Been a mentor? Who was your best teacher?

5 thoughts on “Who Are Your Role Models?”

  1. My role models are people who have skills or talents I am trying to work on. I wish I had:

    • the discipline of Rebecca, my best friend and life partner;
    • the home economist skills of Cecily Hedmon, David Manuel, or the extended family of my Great Grandma Nehring;
    • a way with words, like Bono, Julia Dinsmore, Wendell Berry or Jesse Wiley;
    • the coolness and presence in an argument like President Obama; or,
    • the peacemaking dispositions of people I don’t know nearly enough about.

  2. Let’s see…someone I admire greatly is actor/author Stephen Fry. He seems intellectually curious and a great communicator.

  3. For garden and lifestyle related I would say that Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall is my role model. He is one of the reasons why we moved to the country side and grow our own. He is a famous TV chef/personality in the UK. He documented his move to the country side about 15 years ago, I have all the years of his tv show and have watched them over and over again.
    As for strength, patience and being there for others my role model is my late mother. Even in times of great illness she was always interested in other people. I admire that about her.

  4. My mom is my biggest role model. I don’t know anyone who is stronger in spirit or more generous than she is. I don’t know how she has been able to cope with the curveballs that life has thrown her with such patience, dignity and strength of faith.

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